Hey everyone I am the authour of jokesdesi.in and admin of jokesdesi at instagram and facebook pages 

We are just trying an initiative to entertain the visiter to this online world 

MOST of our content is in HINDI as we often say “गाली जबतक हिंदी में न दे न तब तक सुकून नहीं मिलता” so this website and all our pages are just for entertainment purposes please dont take any joke or any status seriously

We provide you entertainment in many ways as 



.Rajput status

.jokes in other regional languages of india like PUNJABI,HARYANVI,GUJRATI AND MARATHI ETC

.WE also provide you with some exclusive features like SHARING NONVEG JOKES  DIRECTLY TO SOCIAL MEDIA platforms like 


Same feature is available with WHATSAPP STATUS   section  OF OUR WEBSITE